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Causes FAQ

Donations are used according to the cause to which you choose to redirect the allocated amount of money. Together we develop Romanian gymnastics!

As long as you have a bank card. We are happy to have you by our side!

You can propose a case with an e-mail to , and we will contact you after the submission.

Tehnical FAQ

At the "donate" section you will find the ongoing projects. You can donate to any project in which you would like to get involved and help by accessing its page. Each project has an independent cause and purpose, and you are the one who chooses where you want to direct the funds allocated to the donation.

Your data and security are very important to us! We work in partnership with the secure payment processor EuroPayment Services ( which ensures data security at the computer system level and has at its disposal adequate security methods in accordance with the protection of personal data, transactions and operations that users perform.

If you encounter any other problems, please contact us. If you encounter any other difficulties in completing a donation or have any other questions related to them, please contact us at
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