Donate for Romanian Federation of Gymnastics!

If you care, then things will definitely get better. We need you, so that all the children under the tutelage of the Romanian Federation of Gymnastics have a smooth path in their steps to fulfill the dream of becoming future champions in performance gymnastics.


Other available campaigns

We support high performance gymnastics!
Together we contribute to supporting the preparation of high performance gymnasts.

You contribute to the formation of future champions!

Purchase of minigym equipment.

We offer a safe environment for children who love gymnastics!

Raising Stars
Gymnastics Academy "Raising Stars"

Annual program to increase the national selection base, in rural and urban areas.

Vocational courses for great performers.
A career for athletes alongside sports.

The certainty of a career gives them the confidence and strength to continue.

Health insurance.
Together we reduce the risk of injury!

Performance involves sacrifice.

Together we offer digital methods to increase sports performance!

Digital methods optimize training programs for athletes and coaches.

We offer prizes to the 10 best athletes in Romania.

We offer gratitude and appreciation!

Training camps.
We want to offer athletes the widest possible experience!

The exchange of experience generates future champions!